Scarborough 350: Parade Day!







I’ll be celebrating Scarborough’s 350th anniversary all year on this blog with pictures and profiles of residents I’ve gotten to know, but this weekend is the town’s official celebration. I had been volunteering with the parade committee, but I had no idea how mammoth the final lineup was until I saw it coming together behind the high school this morning. Kudos to parade chair Dale Temm, who worked tirelessly for months putting it all together; to Mark and Barb Hough, who came down from Yarmouth to organize the procession; and to all the other volunteers and participants who gave their time and energy to make it happen.

There’s no way I can show you all the pageantry of the parade in this space, but I’ve chosen a few scenes to share that I observed as the marchers proceeded through Memorial Park:

1 – Hannaford was a lead sponsor of the parade, and their team carried a giant birthday cake to the town.

2- Barbara Gargano, of Falmouth, cheered on Shriners on scooters.

3- As the parade wound down, one young boy’s face on the Grange float showed that he had had enough.

4 – A Civil War reenacter was overcome by the heat after walking the route in a heavy wool uniform and was tended to at the side of the road.

5 – Members of the military and others pitched in to push an antique fire truck up the hill after it broke down in the middle of the road.

6 – Fred Abaroa, of Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill, still had enough energy at the end of the route to balance a surfboard on his chin.

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