Scarborough 350: Tricentennial Princesses


This weekend Scarborough will celebrate its 350th anniversary with an all-class high school reunion, concerts, dances, road races, a Native American PowWow, a Civil War encampment, historical demonstrations, and, of course, a parade. Riding in one of the cars will be a group of women who were “princesses” at the town’s tri-centennial in 1958. They are Gloria Harmon Durgin, Judith Harmon Williams, Judy Ahlquist Coulthard, Judith Coulthard McMann, and Sandra Stanford Hartford.

They describe Scarborough of 50 years ago as “a quiet town where we knew everybody.” The high school had about 215 students, and the kids’ favorite hangouts were the Big 20 Bowling Alley, Mary & Bob’s Log Cabin (where they went for burgers and soda), and the drive-in movie theater. Theirs was the first freshman class to graduate from the new school building. “Because of the town’s 300th anniversary, we had a historical theme for graduation, where we wore 18th century costumes and danced the minuet,” says Sandra. As tri-centennial princesses, the girls were also invited to dance on TV’s Dave Astor Show (a teen dance party like “American Bandstand).

The girls were sponsored by various companies and non-profit groups. They sold tickets for a fundraiser. “Whoever sold the most tickets got to be named ‘queen’,” says Sandra. “We weren’t in a beauty pageant or anything like that,” she chuckles.

Sandra volunteered at Town Hall during the tri-centennial. Now a resident of Cumberland, she is celebrating her 20th year as a librarian at the Scarborough Public Library. Gloria still lives in Scarborough. The week following graduation she started a job with Unum, but now works with the National Association of School Nurses. Judy Coulthard was a teacher for 25 years and now lives in Buckfield. Her twin great-nieces, Meaghan and Heather, will be carrying the banner in front of the princesses’ car. Judy McMann now makes her home in Phippsburg, and Judy Williams lives in Westbrook.

1957 Chevy provided courtesy of Black Point Auto Sales 

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  1. Jeanne Says:

    How lovely they all look especially Gloria Durgin–the finest employee ever at National Association School Nurses. Jeanne Kiefner

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