Happy 4th of July!


JULY 4, 2008

Even though the town of Scarborough has boomed in population (the 2000 census reported a 35% growth over the previous measure), it manages to maintain much of its small town charm. This was nowhere more evident than at the 4th of July parade at Pine Point. Shortly before 9 a.m., people began arriving — kids on bikes with streamers, parents pulling toddlers in wagons decorated with flags, dogs wearing bandanas trotting alongside. Several of them stopped at corners to watch, but most proceeded down the road to the starting point. They weren’t there to watch the parade — they were the parade! Several minutes later a bagpipe began playing, and the group began walking or pedaling the six blocks back up the street. One girl did the walk on stilts; another rode a unicycle. It was so cute, you could just cry. The parade ended at the local firehouse, where the ladies’ auxiliary was waiting to dish up strawberry shortcake for everyone, watchers and walkers alike.

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