Scarborough 350: Kevin Kingdon


What self-respecting chocoholic could fail to notice Kevin Kingdon, who shows up as an ambassador at Chamber of Commerce events armed with chocolate truffles? Not me, that’s for sure! While I’ve known Kevin for about eight months now, it was only recently that I learned he is a Scarborough resident and that he lives with his wife Jill and son Jacob half a mile up the road from me, in a house on Pine Point Rd. that was built in 1850.

“Jill and I are both from Maine,” says Kevin, “but we spent our 20’s living in Boston and Vermont. When we decided to start a family, there was no question that we would move back to raise our child here.” The Kingdons spent time in Old Orchard Beach before buying their home eight years ago. “We both grew up in old houses — we love their charm and craftsmanship. For the first few years in the house, though, we didn’t have heat upstairs. We finally put it in when our son was born.”

Today Kingdon was one of the many volunteers participating in the Earth Day beach and marsh cleanup in Scarborough. As he picked up trash along Ross Rd. he said,  “Because we take advantage of all the things Pine Point has to offer — going to the beach, kayaking on the marsh, walking the Eastern Trail, I feel it’s my responsibility to help take care of the area. And more than that: Even though my son is only four, I want to instill in him the spirit of volunteerism. I have to set an example for him.” Kevin says it’s also a tribute to his father-in-law, a Maine backwoodsman who had a huge love of nature.

Kingdon is easy to spot now that he’s driving around the Portland area in a Smart Car that is shaped like a golden bunny, complete with ears. He says he is proud to have been selected to drive the super fuel-efficient vehicle, which is used to promote his chocolates and which leaves less of a carbon stamp. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

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