Lost Weekend.


APRIL 6, 2008

My friend David was kind enough to set up my booth for this weekend’s Women’s Life Expo in Portland. I spent all last month planning the design of the booth and selecting and having display prints made to promote the portrait end of my business. I received a lot of compliments from other vendors on the way the booth looked. I was in a great location, across from the cooking demo stage. But the weekend proved to be a bust. There were very few visitors to the expo on both Friday and Sunday. Saturday had been busy up until about 3:30, but then the traffic died off, and the vendors spent most of the last four hours visiting each other’s booths to stave off the boredom. While I met several very nice people, the experience was a disappointment overall.

Most shocking had been the number of women who came to the event merely looking for whatever free, give-away items they could pick up. Some just raced down the aisles, grabbing handfuls of pens, key chains and the like, without even the pretense of being interested in learning what the vendors had to offer or pausing to say “thank you.” Was it desperation or greed that drove them? At some level I felt pity for them, but more than that, I felt resentment. I think it will be a long time before I participate in an event like this again.

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