Sun Dance.

MARCH 6, 2008
Winter in Maine in March gets really tedious. When it snows, it’s no longer the light, fluffy stuff. It’s wet and heavy and almost impossible to lift with a shovel. Or like today, it’s not quite cold enough for snow, so the precipitation that came down this morning was in the form of freezing rain. All day it has been gray and gloomy. But, lo and behold, the sun decided to make a late day appearance! Its light is dancing off icy tree branches. Not a moment to lose … daylight savings time starts this weekend, but for today, the sun will still set early. I hop up from the computer, throw on a jacket and boots, and then skid across my driveway-turned-ice rink. Trees and shrubs are glittering like a hundred disco balls. I don’t think any of my shots have quite done justice to how amazing it looks outside, but I offer you one view of glowing marsh vegetation.

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