Shades of gray.

FEBRUARY 18, 2008
I do volunteer work one day a week at Maine Audubon headquarters in Falmouth. The drive up there today was wicked. With temperatures reaching the upper 40s and a light rain falling, the air was turned into such a thick fog it made me feel I had fallen into a black hole. It was especially scary not to be able to see the traffic signals until you were almost in the middle of intersections. And yet the fog was as beautiful as it was terrifying. It was like being in a turn-of-the-century photograph — before the days of super-sharp-focus lenses and when the only colors were shades of black, white and gray. By the time I left at 4:30, the roadway through the property had become visible, but there were still mists rising up from the snowy fields bordering each side of it. I paused to photograph a woman making her way on snowshoes in the waning light

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