A new day, a new year.


A new day, a new year. Today should be filled with the auspicious, but it has been occupied by the ordinary. By laundry and house cleaning, mostly. But while there was still some daylight outside, I wandered out to take my first photograph of the year. There has been a heavy, wet snow falling for the past couple of hours. Spruce trees along my street are groaning under the weight of it. I’m surprised that the branches of the pine trees in my back yard haven’t started snapping off. I nipped down to the Scarborough Marsh for a quick look-see and photographed some white birch along Pine Point Rd. I spotted some birds paddling around the river — common loons I think, but it was hard to tell for sure without my binoculars. High tide will arrive in another two hours. I wonder what it and the new year will bring.

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