Melting the blues away.


FEBRUARY 14, 2008
There’s reason enough to be blue on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a sweetheart to share it with. I know, I know — it’s just a silly manufactured holiday — I shouldn’t care. But it was work-related issues that were weighing on my mind today. It was so much easier when I was shooting for the newspaper. I didn’t have to persuade anyone of why they should use me as their photographer. We got our assignment slips each day, and when we showed up at someone’s home or business to take his or her picture, the subject was happy to see us and assumed we were competent because the paper had sent us. Now it’s an ongoing battle to convince clients that you’re worth what you say you are. Today I just wasn’t “feeling the love” all the way around.

I decided to get out of the office and clear my head. I had to go grocery shopping anyway. Afterwards, I drove along Black Point Road, intending to go down and watch the ocean off Prout’s Neck. I never made it that far. I stopped to look over the marsh, where a band of light appeared to be squeezed toward the horizon by ponderous, gray clouds. I took a photo of a tree silhouetted in the light near Ferry Beach. Content with the shot, I was heading back home when I approached the same crest over the marsh where I had first noticed the band of light. The sun was setting in a glorious display, but it wasn’t the sky that intrigued me as much as the ground. The pinks and yellows of the sunset were pooled in ripples in the snow that had been carved by yesterday’s rain. Such a kaleidoscope of colors! A berried shrub stood out in stark relief against them. Cars whipped past me as I stood on the side of the road and photographed. Didn’t the drivers see what I was seeing? How could they not be compelled to stop and revel in that liquid light? Maybe they were all hurrying home to be in the arms of their loved ones. For us lonely hearts, I’ll share two photos today to help the blues go away.

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