Heaven’s artwork.

FEBRUARY 3, 2008
I hate going to shopping malls. They’re too big and too crowded for my taste, so I rarely go to them. I needed to check out an item at Radio Shack, though, and the only one in this area is at the Maine Mall. So I headed out in the gray gloom this afternoon, the skies overhead matching my mood. After circling around to find a parking space, I made my way through the mall to the shop, only to learn that the item I was interested in has been discontinued. Oh, great — a wasted trip. Now I was truly grumpy. But when I trudged through the exit to the parking lot, I was cured of my ill humor in an instant. There was a section of sky being pierced by slivers of sun, creating beautiful, delicate patterns of light and shadow. I raced to my car to grab my camera. Too bad I wasn’t near the ocean for an unobstructed view. Buildings and telephone poles and wires everywhere — rats! But light like that is ephemeral — the display wouldn’t last the 15 or 20 minutes it would take to get to the shore — so I had to photograph some of man’s creations intruding on heaven’s artwork.

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  1. Becky Says:

    What a surreal photograph! Gorgeous!

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