It’s a small world.

One of the best things about pets is that they make great ice-breakers with strangers. When I struck up a conversation with Missy Shupe about her four-year-old boxer, Mabel, I wound up having one of those “small world” experiences. Mabel, who was acquired from a rescue organization for boxers, keeps Missy company at her delightfully fun shop, Board Silly Puzzles & Games, in Old Orchard Beach. It’s one of a handful of businesses that stay open during the winter. Missy opened the shop three years ago when she and her husband, Ken, moved to the town. Ken is the code enforcement officer there. I told them about how I was a transplant from New Jersey. I then learned that Missy’s grandfather was born in the 1880s in Jersey City, the town where I worked for nearly 20 years. He ran Ewing’s Pharmacy – long gone by the time I arrived there. Missy has old photos and documents that she’d like to donate to the city, but didn’t know who to contact about it. I’m curious now to see the photos to see if I can figure out what street the pharmacy was located on. They’ve been packed away in boxes since Missy and Ken moved. Tomorrow I’ll make some phone calls to see if the public library or the Jersey City Museum would be interested in acquiring the historical items.

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