Lost in Space.

When I was a girl, my friends and I would periodically go on “lost rides.” We would take turns calling out directions like “three blocks east, eight blocks north, one block west.” We’d tally them on a piece of paper until we had a dozen or so, then we’d mount our bicycles and pedal off to find out where we’d wind up. Today I decided to go in search of a photo by doing an automotive version of a lost ride. I gave myself an hour for the adventure so that I’d be back home in time to watch the Michigan State basketball game on TV. I’m still new enough to the area that I only know the major roads. So I drove along until I reached a street I hadn’t been on before and then turned down it to see where it went. Several times I was taken back to roads I was familiar with. I continued taking turns, but hadn’t seen anything that made me want to stop and take a picture. Then I realized I had chanced upon the road in Cape Elizabeth that leads to the Portland Head Light. I’ve only been there once before – last Memorial Day when my friend Danielle was visiting from New Jersey. It’s a beautiful lighthouse that has been photographed countless times by Mainers and by tourists. It was worth a look-see. It wasn’t the lighthouse, though, that caught my attention. As I drove up the hill, I saw that a nearly full moon had already risen in the sky, even though it was only 3:30 in the afternoon. It was glowing palely over a bank of white clouds. I took some shots with the lighthouse in the frame, but it dwarfed the moon and made it almost invisible. I chose to focus only on moon and clouds. When I got back in my car, I turned on the navigation system and let it guide me home. I arrived in time for the tip-off.

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  1. Becky Says:

    Hi Kathy-

    I love reading your blog. You have such a nice style of writing/storytelling. I’m looking forward to reading more!


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