Lisa’s Pizza.

For a Sunday morning walk, I ventured down to Old Orchard Beach. Six months ago the streets were jammed with cars, bikes, and pedestrians making their way to the beach, the shops, or the amusement park. But in January, it’s a ghost town. There are a few couples plodding along the sand, but that’s about the only sign of life. Most of the waterfront shops are seasonal and have been shuttered with signs that say, “See you next summer.” There are, however, neon lights glowing at Lisa’s Pizza. Standing at the window, waiting for his order is a man in a business suit. It’s such an incongruous sight. The usual mode of dress in this town is bathing suits, T-shirts, and flip-flops, not that I expected to see anyone dressed like that today. I stand in the corner and take a few frames before approaching him. I learn that his name is Rick Ouellette and that in retirement he has taken up substitute teaching. And, of all things, he is currently substituting for the photography teacher at Biddeford High School. It turns out that he used to own a plane and ran his own photography business, Ace Aerial Photos. Our chat is short; Rick’s wife is waiting in the car for him to bring lunch, and he ducks out the door to join her.

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