It has been so bitterly cold today.


It has been so bitterly cold today. The thermometer in my car readslightly above zero this morning as I headed to my business networking meeting. I wish I had put on some thermal underwear beneath my slacks. I’m so glad I don’t have to be out shooting today, as I would have during my newspaper days. But in addition to building my freelance business, my goal this year is to re-establish a daily shooting routine. Now that I’m back home and warm, however, the motivation to go out in the deep freeze is dwindling. I look out the front window and see two pairs of house finches perched in the blueberry shrub, taking turns flying back and forth to the bird feeder. I’ve spotted my subjects for the day. Throwing on a jacket, I grab my camera and headout the door. The sound startles the birds, and they flutter away toward the tops of the pine trees. Well, I’ll just stand as still as a statue, and they’ll come back. After 10 minutes or so, there is no sign of the finches, and my hands are getting numb. I’m about to go back inside when I look back at the shrub. Hidden among the branches is a red-breasted nuthatch, feathers puffed out against the cold. He is waiting for me to leave so he can have his turn at the feeder without having to jockey for position with the finches. I snap his photo and then oblige him by retreating inside.

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