Welcome Intruders.


Ah! Thirty-six degrees outside — now that’s more like it! I think I’ll go snowshoeing. There’s a nature trail at the end of my road. It winds through some wooded areas that used to be home to Native Americans and through open fields that were, at one time, part of a golf course. Now the area is a wildlife sanctuary owned by the town. I’ve walked the path a few times in the spring and fall — I’m not outdoors-y enough to brave getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes in the summer. I love the solitude there; it gives me the feeling that I own the place. I’m usually annoyed by evidence that others have been walking through “my property.” Even though it’s a public place, I perceive them as trespassers.But today I’m grateful to see prints in the snow — boot prints, pawprints, other snowshoes. Steps that have trod the path a hundred times, that know where the trail lies, even though it is obscured by a foot of snow — steps that show me the way. Welcome intruders.

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    What lovely thoughts you have to go with a serene photo of footprints in the snow. More power to you for strapping on those snowshoes and braving the elements.

  2. admin Says:

    We got another foot of snow on Monday; I’m planning to go snowshoeing again tomorrow. You may be interested to know that I got my snowshoes from Michigan Snowshoe Center in Roscommon. They were very helpful in getting me into the right gear as a novice to the activity.

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