Winter walk.


JANUARY 12, 2009

Yesterday another seven inches of snow fell, and I cursed it as I shoveled it off my car and driveway. But today, when I left to photograph an assignment at a dental office in Portland, the sun was beaming down, it was a tolerable 27 degrees out, and best of all, there was not a trace of wind. I couldn’t wait to get back from the photo shoot so I could break out my snowshoes for the first time this winter.

I headed to my favorite spot — the nature sanctuary just down the road from my home — and snapped a picture of the long shadow cast by my figure as I entered the trail head. I heard a black-capped chickadee behind me making its distinctive call — “chick a dee dee dee dee.”  I saw several crows perched on the tops of trees, cawing to each other as they gathered before finding their roosting spot for the night. And there were at least two dozen robins flitting through the shrubs, feeding on berries, their orange breasts standing out in colorful contrast to the white snow and black twigs. I couldn’t get close enough with my point and shoot camera to make a good image of them, but it was delightful to watch them.

Many times I’ve bemoaned being laid off from my full time job and having to struggle to make it as a freelance photographer, but the sheer joy I felt today in not being tied to a 9 to 5 job, in being able to take advantage of a beautiful day, in walking over the fresh carpet of snow without another soul in sight, made me feel that I’m in the right place, that I’m lucky, and that if I can just hang in a while longer, everything will turn out alright. 

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