New Year’s Eve Post.


DECEMBER 31, 2008

December is winding down with a light snow — for here, that is — three to five inches. It seems like yesterday that I was taking my first picture for my blog,  but a year has passed. And what a year! War, recession, foreclosures, bailouts, record high gas prices, a new president, despair, hope … Mercifully, fuel prices have come down, so I’m able to heat my home this winter after all, even if I’m keeping the thermostat lower than where I feel comfortable to stretch the oil out as long as possible.

A number of my photojournalism friends have gotten laid off from their jobs this year. They now face the struggles and uncertainties that I’ve been enduring for the past few years since my job ended. To all of them, and to anyone out there in cyberspace who chances upon this blog, I wish all the best in the new year. I pray that we can all weather the circumstances that have been thrust upon us. I hope we will all come, eventually, to find that “the future” is something we can anticipate with excitement, rather than terror. Godspeed, everyone.

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