A little Christmas cheer.


DECEMBER 7, 2008

We got our first snowfall of the season today — fat, wet flakes that accumulated to about an inch. After I cleared off the driveway, I headed out to look for a good “snow picture.” I cruised past the marsh, which looked as though it had been dusted with powdered sugar, and then turned up Beech Ridge Rd. I’ve driven a short way along this road before, but this time, I wanted to see where it would take me. I came to a four-way stop, and all the cars seemed to be turning in the same direction. I followed in line and soon saw that their destination was a Christmas tree farm. That seemed like a likely spot to photograph, so I pulled into the parking lot.

Families were laughing, smiling, as they headed down the path to search for the perfect tree — everyone in the holiday spirit, no frazzled shoppers, and not a Christmas Grinch in sight. I came across a young couple grinning ear-to-ear, even though they were struggling to tote a 10-foot tree uphill. I learned that this was the first year that Jeannine and Jamie had ever cut a tree of their own. They live in South Portland, but Jeannine, who moved here five years ago, is originally from Germany, and Jamie, who has lived here 11 years, is a native of El Salvador. Very fitting to have an international couple as a symbol of the worldwide holiday of Christmas. God bless us, everyone.

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