Roadside attraction.


OCTOBER 8, 2008

I have no assignments this week, and I’ve had my fill of sitting in front of the computer screen, trying to catch up on routine tasks. So I’m taking advantage of this picture-perfect autumn day to go out and take some photos for the fun of it. I’ve decided to scope out Biddeford Pool. Even though I’ve lived in Maine for two years now, I’ve never been there, and it’s just a couple of towns away.

When I used to come here on vacation, I would see signs pointing toward Biddeford Pool as I would drive up Route 9 out of Kennebunkport. I thought they referred to a municipal swimming pool in the town of Biddeford. It wasn’t until I moved here that I got clued in. Biddeford Pool is a large tidal pool, as well as the name of the community around it, located on the coast, near the mouth of the Saco River.

I found out from a search on Wikipedia that Biddeford Pool is the site of Maine’s first recorded permanent settlement, which was called Winter Harbor. In the winter of 1616-1617 (wow! that predates the Pilgrims in Plymouth), Richard Vines, a physician, resided there as part of the colonization efforts of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Lord Proprietor of Maine. An early village developed on the north side. In 1708, Fort Mary was built near the pool’s entrance. I wish I had someone along with me who could point out where that was.  I don’t see any historical marker for it as I enter the village. The views of the coastline are spectacular, but what I find myself taking pictures of is an old Coca Cola sign on the side of a shed. The textures and muted colors from its age are irresistible.

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    Wonderful slice of Americana!

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