Scarborough 350: Paul Andriulli


There’s an adage that says, “When you do something you love for a living, it will never feel like work.” Paul Andriulli is a man who loves what he does. It is evidenced in all the fine craftsmanship and detail he puts into his construction and renovation projects. A general contractor who specializes in kitchen and bathroom renovation, Paul learned how to build things from his dad in Paterson, NJ. “Dad loved to putter, to figure out how to fix things. I was always at his side as a kid,” says Paul, who has been running his own business for 32 years.

Paul and his wife, Toni, who works in patient registration at Mercy Hospital, moved to Scarborough in 1986 after coming several times to visit friends who had relocated to Maine. Their friends moved back to New Jersey 10 years ago, but the Andriullis are here to stay. We met right after I moved here, when Paul went out of his way to do me a favor on one of his trips to visit friends and family there, even though I was a complete stranger to him.

Helping people is in his nature. Paul served as a volunteer firefighter in Scarborough for 20 years. He also serves on the board of directors of the Italian Heritage Center in Portland. He was a member of the building committee for the construction of Town Hall, and he set the weather vane on top of the firehouse at Oak Hill. Paul feels he helps people through his construction business, as well. “I’m able to give people their dreams,” he says.

Paul says he is not just a craftsman — he is an artisan. He sees his projects as labors of love. If he has one complaint, it is that everybody seems to be in a rush these days. “People think that it’s like a TV reality show — that you should be able to get all the work done in a week,” he says. “But I need to take the time to do things right. I have pride in what I do.” Paul says you can’t rush the artistic process. “As long as I’m having fun with it,” he says, “I’m happy.”

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