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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

NOVEMBER 2, 2010
I ran into one of my favorite clients, Derek (I Love Boxes!) Volk, of Volk Packaging, when I went to vote today at the high school. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Amy, who is running for the Maine House of Representatives. The Portland Press Herald called hers “one of the key races to watch.” Amy is a mother of four, who has been active in the community through organizations like Young Life Scarborough and Moms in Touch International, but she says it was her husband’s family-owned business that prompted her to enter the field of politics.

“We seem to be in such a hostile business climate nowadays,” said Amy. “I want to work to improve conditions for small businesses to operate in Maine.”

Amy began her campaign for office in March, but she says the last two weeks have been the hardest. “It has been such an intense, crunch time,” she said. “We’ve been doing everything we can to get out and talk to voters. That’s what’s made it the best time, though, as well – getting to meet so many of the people of Scarborough and spending time talking with them.”

Derek has been at Amy’s side all the way – just as he has since the age of 15, when they began dating. Whether it has been driving her to meetings, posting election signs around town, spearheading a letter campaign, or standing outside with her on a chilly election day from the time the polls opened at 6 a.m. until they will close tonight at 8, Derek has been Amy’s biggest supporter. Hang in there, guys — you’re almost at the finish line!