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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

OCTOBER 26, 2010
When the town of Scarborough was celebrating its 350th anniversary, I made a series of blog posts about residents of the town I had come to know since moving here. One was on the Paradis family (6/28/08). I learned some wonderful news the other day about their son Noah, 14. He is one of 32 high school students from across the state of Maine who has been selected to be a member of the 2011 All-State Jazz Choir.

Two weeks ago he traveled to Augusta to compete with 80 students vying in the tenor category – eight were chosen. Along with the sopranos, altos, and basso, they will be doing intense rehearsals during the Christmas break for the All-State Jazz Festival, which will be held January 6-8, 2011, at Scarborough High School, which Noah attends. He’ll also be auditioning next month for the All-State Chorus. Go get ‘em, Noah! You have a beautiful voice!