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Tips for Photo Preservation.

Thursday, November 5th, 2009


NOVEMBER 5. 2009

Although photographs are created with light, light is the enemy of the photographic print. It can cause color fading, yellowing, or brittling. To extend the life of your photographic prints and enlargements, it is recommended that you don’t keep them out on extended display. I periodically rotate the artwork hanging on my walls, whether it be photos, posters or other prints, or paintings. When new pictures go up, the older ones go into dark storage. When stored prints come back out on display, it’s like having old friends come to visit.


When you display photographs, be sure to use UV filtering glass or plastic in your frames. High temperatures and high humidity can also accelerate print deterioration. Ideal conditions for display are a temperature of 68 degrees Farenheit and 30-40% relative humidity.


When you store photographs, put them in acid free boxes. Containers in a variety of sizes can be found through sources such as or Family photo albums made with archival quality materials may also be used for storage.